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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Welcome to the Junk Party!

My blog is dedicated to just my Junk, so my party is all the time!
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This is some stuff I recently got at yard sales or thrift shops. A huge wood candle stand I plan to redo that in some way, any ideas? The frame will turn into a chalkboard. Other items, door knobs, finials, sheet music, potato masher and the old Christmas lights were free from a thrift store, I had seen something to do with these but I can't remember, If anyone has any ideas let me know!

Here is another project I did last year, claw foot bathtub legs and a wood board I got at a public sale. I needed a small table to put the TV on and it worked out perfectly.
An old window frame no glass and a quilted pillow case found at a goodwill store, I added a shelf and pegs. I started this project a while ago, before I blogged and I didn't take any before pictues. I still want to add something to this and will have more about it in a later post.

This is my current avatar, an old plate and a ceramic candle holder made in to a more glamorous and larger candle stand. It can also hold a cake or cupcakes!!

When first saw these type of cake plates being made the instructions said to get a ceramic drill bit and to drill holes in the plate. I did not want to do that so I thought of a way to add the beads. My solution was to glue a hook from my sewing supplies and then I could just loop the beads onto it. So you can take it off to wash it!

The beads are just strung on white string.

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  1. What fabulous projects! I have a window frame that I've been wondering what to do with! This is a great idea!

  2. I'm nuts about your TV table! Very eclectic, but oh so functional!

  3. I love your 'junk'! Especially that candle-holder, now that's pretty ingenious! Love it all!

  4. I love your solution for not drilling a hole. Fabulous!

  5. Hi, I'm new here at the Junk Party! I love all of your junk!! What an ingenious way to hang the beads, and I am in love with your TV stand!

  6. Jane,
    The bead thing on the plate is a great idea!! thanks.

    For an idea on you candle stick, check out our new meme Get R Done Friday.
    I'm posting on uses for lamp shades and candle sticks.

    i love repurposing things too and it is great to share ideas.

    thanks and blessings,
    barbara ejan

  7. Very cool finds. I like what you've done with them.

  8. Love the idea for the candle holder. Great inspiration. ~Theresa

  9. Love the tv table..actually love it all and you are a girl after my own heart..a junk lover :) ON the candle holder- an idea. Maybe cut it into smaller parts - two could make two pedestals for a cloche or so. But if you cut it into smaller pieces you could make tiny pedestals for cupcakes at a party...

  10. Love your junk! That TV stand is awesome. You are so clever using those hooks for the beads. Can't wait to see what you do with the tall candle stand.

  11. OMG! I love your upcycling! Love the TV stand and I want that candle holder. I can't wait to see more from you...quite inspiring!

  12. Love all your great finds and redos. The way you attached the beads to the cakeplate was genius!


  13. I proclaim you a redo queen. Wear your crown with pride.

  14. What a fab blog - your ideas are wonderful! I'm really scared of the idea of drilling a plate - you are a GENIUS!


  15. Hello Jane - I'm new to your blog. Love your transformations - fabulous!


  16. I love the claw-footed table, and will definitely use your hook for adding beads to plates! Drill bits intimidate me, but I am a pro with a glue gun! lol

    Great ideas!
    Tana@Crafting R&R

  17. I really like your new avatar. The cakestand is beautiful. And your hook way of hanging the beads is genius! Thanks for letting us know about the junk party, I think I'll go check it out. By the way, I've happy tagged you. Stop by my blog to find out more.

  18. You have some very creative ideas. Love the claw-foot feet. And the idea of the sewing hooks was great!

  19. You know, I heart that TV stand... :) Have a great day!

  20. What a great idea for the beads...I have to look into doing that. FUN!

  21. Oh yeah, the finials. I don't have any (yet) but I found the cutest craft idea for them the other day...I can't find the blog again, but it's a tomato cage topper. Paint an appropriately proportioned terra cotta pot around the base, leave the 'band' original color. Turn it upside down and glue a finial into the hole in the top. Glue buttons (or paint spots) around the body of the pot. This one had 'garden' written around the band and then placed on the tomato cage. Wish I could find it again for proper credit, but it was on my work computer and as I no longer have that job ......and forget getting help from IT.

  22. Wow - your junk redo's are amazing! I love the clawfeet on the bottom of the tv stand - and the hook on the bottom of the plate - that is a GREAT idea! I am off to look around your blog and find more great ideas!

  23. I just love that beaded candleholder/plate! What a creative idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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