“If you want to get things you can’t buy in a store, you have to do things never thought of before.” -- Dr. Seuss

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cutest Thrift Store On The Block

This thrift store is in Bellefonte PA and is close to where we go camping. This weekend while we were at a car show that is going on in the town, we went in to cool off, well that is what I told my husband. I was in a couple of months ago and new I would come back and bring the camera. So upon entering I asked permission to take some pics, this place is amazingly decorated, at least the front, the back is just typical thrift store. So enjoy!

The doors going in kinda normal!
The first pics are for fathers day and remember there is a car show going on!

So what is your favorite part of the thrift store?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Old Photos Used For Cake and Cupcakes and Invitations

First was the invitations, using an old photo of my Mom when she was about 16. This was created at http://www.vistiprint.com/ but many sites offer printing cards and invitations.
Old photos used for cake and cupcake decorations.

One of the first entries in my blog was about this camera made into a photo holder, I did remake the wire holders with better wire.

The cake, which I made myself, also used and old photo which was made into an edible image by http://www.gogocake.com/. I sent them the photo via the Internet and they sent me the product and directions which anyone can do. One thing I want to tell you about is I actually took a macro photo of the old photo so I could have it large enough for the cake, because the scanner I have did not scan it large enough for them to get a good image from it.

Now for the cupcakes, the photos were scanned and in a printshop program I made them into little circles and cut other circles out of old pages from an old paperback book, the back paper was just scrapbook paper I had from another project. The three circles gradually got bigger and were glued together with 2 toothpicks taped to the back.
Do you remember the blog post with this stand for the cupcakes? If not you can go back and check it out. http://junkinjane.blogspot.com/2010/05/here-it-is-finished-whatever-it-was-or.html

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Birthday Banner

At first glance this looks brand new, but I used some old elements for the banner. I did use a printshop program for the letters. Some card stock I had for a long time, old pages from books, maps, music, dictionary pages. Also, tthey were held together by old lace and ribbons I have had for years!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Moms Party - Vintage Style

My mom turned 80 years old today but the party was Sunday, and the food was served up vintage style the way she lived thru the years.
Mints in a tin cup
Flowers my sister brought from her garden
The center flowers are from my SIL garden
Clothes pin labeled the food for ease of our helpers to get it ready for the guests.

BBQ served in a small roaster.
A vintage Shawnee planter with flowers
The ever popular mini chalkboard labels, rolls were kept in a granite blancher
The picnic basket ready for the ham salad sandwiches.
An old cardboard container that we think was used for ice cream, today we used it for pretzels.

McCoy flower pot to hold the plastic ware.
A stirrup held the napkins, with her favorite colors blue and brown.
I blogged about this a few weeks ago, holding cupcakes adorned with a brown pair of ladies gloves and a tag that reads "eat cake" The party also had a Horse Theme, the little cupcake toppers I made from copies of old photos of her with her horse when she was 16.

Chips in a red and white granite pan, and another thing I blogged about a couple of weeks ago held the veggies! Varies other containers held dips. I think I forgot some photos, I might do another blog post later Happy Birthday Mom!
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