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Friday, May 13, 2011

Suitcase as a Wedding Card Holder

The bride to be from the bridal shower I did the cake for asked me to decorate a suitcase for her wedding guests to put their cards in at the reception, I have seen them before and recently a blog post from another blogger had a birdcage she had made for her daughters wedding.
I copied some vintage postcards from Washington DC cherry blossom festival, printed on card stock and mounted on parchment paper then tied them to vintage lace.

Used vintage pins to attach them to the lining.

And as a added bonus, I made a luggage tag, copied and printed a Mexico postcard (honeymoon destination) her soon to be last name and a vintage key.

She Loved it!

One week till her wedding!

If interested check out the birdcage card holder at Jill Ruth & Co



  1. I've always loved the birdcage as wedding card holder idea, but this is even better! I hope the bride and groom take home a suitcase full of money!

  2. I can see why she loved it - what a wonderful and creative idea! When the wedding is over, she can just close the suitcase and not have to worry about finding something to put the cards in!!! Wow, what a wonderful idea!

  3. The suitcase card holder is a wonderful idea and you did a great job decorating it for the bride to be (or maybe by this time...the new bride!).
    Speaking of weddings, I loved your previous post with your wedding dress comparisons!

  4. it is good that we use suitcase as wedding card holder while doing some decoration on it.
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