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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kitchen Platter

This is a old platter that I made into a kitchen sign over my stove top. Kuche is German for kitchen, as I am of German decent. Everyone has seen Bon Appetit (not sure of the spelling) the French for good eats I think. I looked up many words on an Internet translator to find a word that related to the kitchen and also looked good. I then played on the computer with a print shop to find a font I liked and printed it in reverse. I had the platter and paint ready to go and as soon as it was done printing on regular paper I placed it on he platter and with the back of a spoon rubbed on the ink to make a guide line for me to then paint it on the platter.

I also got other German phrases to put on as a border above the cabinets this one says Eat Cookies! In case anyone is wondering the backsplash is that very textured wall paper that I thought looked like tin cieling and I painted it a copper color.

And this one is Drink Milk!
One other little tidbit, the milk bottles are filled with salt, to make it look like milk, so much better than the little Styrofoam beads I see people use.


  1. What sort of paint did you use on the platter? I was antiquing today and saw so many plates, platters, etc. painted with phrases or words like what you did. Very cool!


  2. okay. THAT is awesome! Love the German phrases...makes it more personal... :)

  3. My sissy (Clytie) is absolutely right, your blog is wonderful!!!

  4. Those are just great! Love the German and the Salt.

  5. What a nice idea although "Getränkmilch" makes me smile. "Getränk" means a drink. A milk shake means "Milchgetränk". But "Milchshake" is more common. If you want people to drink milk it's in German: "Trinkt Milch!" Other common phrases are: "Quark macht stark!" (Curd cheese makes strong (muscles)), "Milch macht müde Männer munter" (Milk makes tired men lively), "Hunger ist der beste Koch" (Hunger is the best cook), "Fisch frisch auf den Tisch", "Eigener Herd ist Goldes wert" (Own stove is worth its weight in gold). Hope that helps for the next redecoration. I'm a native German speaker. Now you can smile about my English ;)

  6. Ellen, thanks for the info, fun to here from someone who actually knows, I just used a translater on the internet!!!


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