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Friday, May 29, 2009

Suitcase Dog Bed

When I saw a picture of this on the internet I had to make one for my son's dog Chase. On my hunt for a suitcase I found one at a local shop, and asked if she had anymore, I wanted to find the perfect one and she found this one as she opend it up it fell apart and she said I could have it for free. I bought another one just because she was nice and she had lower prices than other places.
it really didn't matter that it was broken in half because I was going to add a piece of wood at the hinge so it would not close. i made a bed of black shearling and added photos of chase and his owners a bow and a doggy bone made of muslin with his name ironed on with letters.


  1. Your dog bed is darling - great job! And it suits that adorable Chase perfectly!

  2. Hi Jane Thanks for being a folower on my blog...just found your name and your blog this AM, so thought I'd stop by and say hello. What a cute dog bed! I have a collection of old suitcases, but have them stacked with all kinds of "goodies" in them. *elaine*

  3. Hi Jane, I love the doggie bed. I may try that for the family cat...hmmm. Thanks for stopping by for a visit at my blog even though it doesn't look as if I have even visited there recently!! haha, been traveling non-stop and hope to grab onto this keyboard more often before long. Great blog here and keep it up.

  4. To cute..Please visit my blog to see the one that I made for Bella when I first got her.The suitcase I found came from the Salvation Army.Paid $3 for it. Bought pink blankets. The cutest bed..

  5. Interesting picture!! I like this suitcase style dog bed... I have seen huge variety of dog beds at Dog.com...


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