“If you want to get things you can’t buy in a store, you have to do things never thought of before.” -- Dr. Seuss

Monday, July 1, 2013

Opened a Second Booth at Another Antique Mall

I opened another booth in a old barn in Gettysburg, PA, at this time it is all my own, meaning I'm not sharing it with my brother! It is a small space but it is perfect for me. I totally love doing this!
 Can you see some of my JunkinJane repurposing ideas?  

Hankies on display, the same way as I have them in my laundry room.

Old Atlas pages used as background for wood shelves and crates.

I painted the word VINTAGE on a ols piece o wood from an old door.

Old ladder is connected to two old doors. I only had about a week to find a ladder, everyelse I already had, I knew I had to have a ladder 10 foot long, when I found this one it was marked 12' when we got it home and my husband started to put it together it measured just under 10' so he made some extentions.  You probably wouldn't have noticed if I didm't tell you!
 The doors did not have knobs on so I made "handles" from old spoons to cover the holes and to hand stuf on.

I had a typwriter in my other booth and was going to bring it to this booth, bur I sold it thru facebook when people shared it, luckily I bought another one the next day!

A suitcase table with 50s stuff on it!
 My daughter thisnks the little pink watering can is ugly, but she made a nice display with it!
Also, there is still room for more goodies!

One of my first posts here on my blog, was a pair of rubber boots with flowers in them! Still works today!!
Have a Great Junkin Day!

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