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Monday, March 21, 2011

Vintage Inspired Bridal Shower

My cousin contacted me a couple of months ago for ideas for her daughters bridal shower. I sent her some pics and other ideas and she gathered stuff from antiques stores to thrift shops. Many things she already had, too. So the day before the shower I went and finished arranging the tables, it was set up in her house with the living room furniture removed.
The cake sat on an old suitcase and recipes that the guests were asked to bring along were collected in a rose bowl. This table was set up in a breakfast nook as you entered in the living room.

The parasol she had and her daughter used it in her engagement photos.
She found a 1911 Ladies Home Journal cover with a bride on it.

Centerpieces were arranged around her vintage camera collection.

I wrapped the mason jars with vintage lace and used vintage pins on the front(you'll see in other photo) also used lots of doilies, gloves hankies, pearl necklaces. The BRIDE tag I made from vintage photos and in my photo shop program I added the letters to spell out bride.

She found a pair of pink gloves and a pink cherry blossom depression glass plate.
The brides theme for the wedding is pink and brown and cherry blossoms.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot I made the cake.

One last thing, the bride and groom will be getting married on my husbands and mine 34th wedding anniversary!


  1. What a beautiful shower. I love the idea of the cake on the suitcase. Gorgeous!!

  2. What?? You made the cake?!! That's the most "beautiful-est" wedding shower cakes I believe I've ever seen! Cake decorating - and flower arranging - are two talents I've always wanted, but have absolutely no natural aptitude for. I've had to be content with other things. But I do so admire someone who can decorate a pretty cake.

    All the shower decorations are pretty. My daughter had a vintage shower, but hers was more that she'd gone to antique shops and made her want list. I don't remember any particular decorations.

  3. wow! the cake is soooo great! love the style you made it. best wishes and a sunny day! di

  4. You made the cake?! It's gorgeous! All the details are so pretty. The "BRIDE" photo especially caught my eye.

  5. Wow, that is vintage-inspired indeed! What a beautiful event. I think that vintage parties, home decor and even clothing are really IN right now. My parents even bought a vintage shower to go in their new bathroom remodel. It is gorgeous, but not as gorgeous as this party! :)


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