“If you want to get things you can’t buy in a store, you have to do things never thought of before.” -- Dr. Seuss

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012

vintage postcard found here

Friday, December 30, 2011

Recycled Snowman

I had to share my daughters creation she gave me on a package for Christmas. She got the idea/instuctions on pinterest. Its made from cardboard from a box.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's Still Christmas Time!

Well, I have been away for awhile but I have a new post and like always Iam behind the times. But I wanted to post some of the stuff I did for Christmas.

First up is frames in a frame with sheet music in the small frames that I ran thru the printer with a capital J and Y with a wreath representing the O. All were hot glued onto a wide ribbon.

Next, I saw this last year on one of the blogs I follow and I just used scrabble letters and glued magnets to the backs and since this little globe is metal. Peace On Earth

I made these last year and saw on pintrest where someone used candle sticks to elevate them.

I added a pocket watch to my Christmas tree ...

... along with golden teaspoons, I only had three but will be looking for more! Last year I had a bunch of chandelier prisms that I added too.

I wanted to do something with this beautiful coat that was my Great Aunts, so I put it on a dress form and added white accessories.
If I would have thought of this earlier I would have got some angel wings to add to it, so I will have them on my list for next year.

So, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I hope I get around to more posting in the New Year!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fair Winners

Hello all, I have not posted in awhile since I haven't made anything lately but I wanted to share my 2 pieces I entered in the York Fair. My window frame won a blue ribbon in the collage category.

And my canning jar lid wreath also won a blue ribbon! It was entered in the wreath category.

Last year at the fair I decided that next year I would enter some of my different "artwork" I wanted to add something that might be more interesting than the normal handicrafts, hopefully more people will enter different and unusual items.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Repurposed Glass = Cheesecake Wedding Cake

When I was asked to make a cheesecake wedding cake I had to do some research. I found some when I googled and I came up with the following idea for the cake(s) and for the display.

The glass was repurposed into cake stands in different levels. Gluing together with E6000 glue.

And now for the finished cake!

The top was regular vanilla cake, for them to keep for their first anniversary.
Cupakes in the background.

Gluten free cupcakes were requested, on their own repurposed glass stand.

Extra vanilla cake and the base cheesecake.

The wedding colors were red and blue, the flower is silk the cherries are real.

The chocolate cake with red rose and blurberries.

Cheescake cupcakes too!

With cherry and blueberry topping.

The total display!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Scrap Book Paper - Just not for Scrapbooking!

I got this "spice cabinet" a couple of years ago with the intent to paint it and use it for small junk embellishments, but I never did anything with it. Then after I did another project (see below) I thought I could cover it with scrapbook paper too!


And After

Just used Modge Podge, let dry, sanded the edges, and took some barn wood acrylic paint watered it down and stained the paper, mostly the edges to make them look old.

Now to get the junk stored in it!!

The other project I did was to cover books. I like the look of old books but sometimes you just don't have the right color books or you just want something different. Well, I found this other blog post and loved it! She used newer books, how to found here!

Used old buttons, jewelry and key to embellish!

An illustration out of another book.

You could use copies of old photos and re title books for a certain project or decoration for a party.

Still time this summer to pick up a book and not read it!

Modge Podge it instead!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Memory Pillows

These pillows are made out of blouses. I was asked to create 3 pillows out of my Aunt's blouses by my cousin for her and her daughters, in memory of her Mom. I really liked how they turned out. I forgot to take a picture of the blouses but they were a casual cotton style.

This first one had an embroidered front and I cut them out in a square, I tried to make it as big as I could then cut out 2 more squares out plain blouse fabric and arranged them like quilt squares. I used the back of the blouse as the pillow back. I created yoyo's from the scraps from the 3 blouses and added them to the pillows along with the buttons.

This blouse was just a button down plain floral, I used the front of the blouse as the back of the pillow using the button down front as a way to insert the pillow form. I also repositioned the pocket on the back of the pillow to hold a memento or two. ( Forgot to take a photo)

I added a doily to the front along with more yoyos.

The third one also had an embroidered front, but wasn't square so I keep added strips of blouse fabric in a quilt like pattern so it was square.

Also added yoyos and buttons.

It was a fun project.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sink and Sewing Base = Herb Garden

I got this sewing machine treadle base a couple of years ago at a yard sale

And the sink is from my sons first house, I had that about 6 years.

So now they each got a "New Home" as an herb garden

Sink is just sat on top, no tools required!

You may like it just as is or...

... add a burlap skirt

Cut burlap the length you want it and measure around the base and add extra, sew in elastic or fold over sew in a casing and add a drawstring, burlap edges are left raw.
Some stenciling if desired

Add top soil and herbs!

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Tree Man Face

Last fall I saw a tree face and was intrigued it was different than others I have seen and I wanted one. After looking online the one I wanted was lake 29 dollars and that was too much to spend. See the last pic. At a recent yard sale I purchased one or 2.50 and painted it to look more like the one I had first seen. I forgot to take before photos but found a similar one online, see below

These are 2 pics of the one I painted to blend into the tree, my brother added the stick to resemble a cigar!

This is the color of it before painting
This was my inspiration photo I took last fall.
I hope to find more of these so I can have a forest family!

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