“If you want to get things you can’t buy in a store, you have to do things never thought of before.” -- Dr. Seuss

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

Last year I made these trees from old paperback books, this year I added glitter to them and a rusty star to the top.

I used a vintage frame when I did our photo for our Christmas card.
I have seen it done lots of times so I just added my own twist.
Although, I am happy with the way it turned out, probably won't ever do a christmas card again.
Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sweater Frames

As soon as I saw this on The Farmer's Wife blog I knew I was going to be making one!


Attached a piece of an old sweater on a cardboard cut to fit the frame, used a spray on glue. Then added this ornament with hot glue. I added an ols button to the center.

What is so nice about this project is if you wanted to make it more sentimental, use a sweater fro someones childhood and attach a pair of their out grown mittens.

Also, it is easy to find a color that matches your living room colors and lots of different things can be added to make it interesting.

Well I actually made two......

Glittery words would be fun too!
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snowglobe Cloche

I found this great glass vase at a thrift store for a dollar, I went to my box of snowmen and selected one and got out my fake snow. I taped the snowman to the bottom of the wooden green box and put some snow in the glass cloche and turned the box upside down to get the snowman in the cloche then flipped it right side up. Some of the snow stayed on the glass sides and now looks like a snow globe with NO water added!

To make the glass vase into a cloche I used 6000 glue to add the porceline ring and a 1/2 of a small glass container. I think it was a small candle at one time with a lid.

Happy Holidays

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Ball Wreath

Everyone in the junkin world has seen these already, but it took me a while to find balls cheap enough and all at one place to make the wreath, I wanted to do it multi colored but I found these balls and was hoping to have enough to make a wreath.

I used an old wire wreath form and covered it with gold garlaand from a dollar store, then hot glued the balls in place, I started from the inside, some directions say to start from the out side edge.

The backside▼

special effect▼

Not sure If it will stay on this wall, but will do for now.
I am doing a more simpler christmas decorating style this year!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Daughters First Project

A couple of posts ago I mentioned http://www.newdressaday.com/ website that my daughter was following, theres is only 2 weeks left. But anyway this is my daughters first project, I got a bag of dresses for her at a thrift sale and with her 5 dollar sewing machine I gave her, waalaa! She did the photo herself and posted it on the new dress a day facebook page.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Junk From My Closet II

This used to be an old turtle neck but I turned it into a kind of shrug. I found instructions by searching t-shirt upcycled or reconstruction on google. There is a ton of ideas out there!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Junk From My Closet

A couple of weeks ago my daughter told me about this website how a 27 year old girl is doing a new dress a day with old dresses she finds at thrift stores and yard sales and has a blog called 365 days,365 items of clothing for 365 dollars, http://www.newdressaday.com/ So a look through my closet I found this blouse I haven't worn for years, it was dingy yellow and the facings from the button front always hung open. I decided to redo it. Firts I cut off the sleeves, sewn down those pesty facings and cut it a v-neck and doubled it over and sewn it down. I was thinking of dyeing it as that is what the girl from the blog does but a soak in oxy clean made it white again. This is a before picture.....

And here is the after......

Close up of the buttons and the front fabric.

Now to my surprise my daughter has asked me for one of my sewing machines cause she is going to give it a try!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Canning Jar Wreath Continued

Here is the finished wreath, I call it "Come In And Eat Some Home Cookin"
Just some random found objects that I have had waiting for the right project. I was thinking of selling it on Esty but have decided to keep it. There was actually other things I was going to put on etsy but never got around to it this summer.
Now with the school year ready to start, Junkin Jane will be slowing down even more. Thanks for the great comments, wish I had more time to look around all the great blogs out there. Sometimes I get to look at them but commenting takes more effort for me. Hope everyone had a great summer!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Canning Jar Lid Wreath

I haves seen these a couple of times here on the WWW and I knew I wanted to make one. I had some but needed more, I got some from my Mom and then one day I found some at a yard sale so I bout them, The lady said as I was leaving "Happy Canning" little did she know...
Held together with a heavy wire and twisted tight to keep the lids in a circle.
Not quite as rusty as I would like, I could let them outside so they could rust up more.
But I decided to do more to it, I will post the other pics later, but for now,

Happy Canning!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Inspiration Photos

Thses are some fun photos I found on flickr I made a mosaic out of it usung flickrtoys...
It helps to keep things together in a group. If you click on the links below you will get to see the whole photo and who took the photo.

Created with fd's Flickr Toys

1. Lily of The Valley Embellished Bottle, 2. Wish box w/lid, 3. vintage photo collage house trio, 4. Inchie Set, 5. Blue and Yellow Daisy Button Bouquet, 6. Fabric Flowers, 7. Higgins & Doolittle - April 2010, 8. Apple Book, 9. 9168, 10. robot sculptures * BUTTONS, ANGRY ANGIE, NATURE GIRL, 11. paper flower on door, 12. Garden_April2010_02, 13. Inspiration board, 14. Junk for Joy!, 15. altered art bag, 16. Curiosity Blocks, No. 1

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Christmas in July - Button Tags

I did these last year, right after Christmas, for gift tags but could be used for ornaments. Some are made from old christmas cards. The snowman one could be put on lots of old stuff like spools, tin pieces, or dominoes! Buttons, fabric, glitter!!!

Love this, it is from a card that was a photo! That gives me an idea!!

This style lets lots of room for the TO: and FROM:

I sewn the buttons on but they could be glued on!

Junkle Bells " />

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stirrup Photo Holder

You might remember the stirrup from my Mom's birthday party that held the napkins, now it holds a special memory for her from her party. A photo of her riding a horse for her 8oth birthday. It is mounted on card stock and had another photo on the other side.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Corky Cooler Lamp

I had this idea for a long time, I'm sure I saw something like it years ago, it took me awhile to find the right thermal jug, like a one we had when I was a kid but i think ours was turquoise top. Well anyway, I think I found it 2 years ago, then I found a lampshade added cork pieces from a coaster around the edge. Then I decided to paint the burlap top, the first time I did not like it so it sat in the basement for another year. I bought new paint last week and repainted the shade. I t would look nice in a screened in porch or maybe someones tree house!! Well for now, It will just sit around looking pretty and maybe sometime will take it to our camper.

What is nice about this jug was the metal top that could be drilled into and the lamp kit fastened to it. And maybe some day it can be just a jug again and something can cover up the hole.

Prioe Lives Party click here▼


Friday, July 9, 2010

Captured Fairy Jar

I am participating in some swaps at www.swap-bot.com this summer. A way to create and share my artwork with others. This was a Captured Creature Bottle/Jar Swap and the person I made it for liked to read Urban Romance Fantasy books. I knew absolutely nothing about them, so with a little research of her favorite authors and some image searches I came up with this! Everything was just junk I have collected, that most people throw away.
It was hard to photograph with the glass of an old mayo jar, other junk I used was onion netting, craft netting, old book pages and phrases, key, beads jewelry pieces feather and so on!!

Inside the flower an old faceted prism that was a ring, it is hard to see because it matches the flower perfectly.

The lady that recieved it said she loved it!
That makes me happy!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Corbel Book Shelf

I know many have seen a corbel used as a shelf before but I did something a little different, I used a used book for the shelf, it is screwed onto the corbel.

I found the corbel first and then the hunt for the right size and color book, I really lucked out with this 25 cent book at a thrift shop.

I think I found the perfect book
Popular Home Decoration

The corbel just needed some cleaning.

I gave the technical side of the project to my husband, he measured twice, drew a line and screwed the book down. I wanted the screws not to show so we opened the book up first.

I forgot to take picture of the back but I added 2 saw teeth hangers on the corbel.

The Stop and Smell the Flowers framed embroidery came from the "Cutest Thrift Store on the Block" for 99 cents!
The camera, an oldie I had for a while, and the whole little arrangement
incorporates what I like to do, photography.

And as a reminder, the umbrella (50 cents at a yard sale)
Into each life a little rain must fall....

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