“If you want to get things you can’t buy in a store, you have to do things never thought of before.” -- Dr. Seuss

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Washboard Mirror and....

Recently at an auction I came across a washboard with no scrub board. I immediate thought of a mirror could be added to this!!!! There were a total of three washboards standing there waiting for their new owners and I really wanted the "broken" one and thought they would let the bidders pick which one they wanted for the highest price and then I could get the broken one cheap!! Well, they decided to sell all 3 as a lot, that was OK by me, since I have 3 places to sell them now. As you can tell I got them all!! 
So, I asked my husband to help, and he removed the bottom rail, and measured the opening. It had grooves in to hold the scrub board part so I new it should be easy!! 
The mirror I found at a yard sale a day after the auction and after a trip to the local hardware store for a glass cutter. I thought we had one but after looking for it he just went to get one. After he cut it from the back sade he thought he should have cut it from the front so he measured and cut again, still no break. He then decides he should have got the glass break too. Glass Break tool? never knew of such a thing so off to the hardware store again!  Well, it worked and here you can see the finished project!!

Now since I am on the subject of washboards I want to share a pic of one of my yard sale finds. A washboard cabinet, this was done long before pinterest!!! It has 2 would shelves inside and a latch to keep it closed. It also had 2 saw teeth hangers on the back for hanging on the wall. As you see in the pic I just had it hanging on the display with a jute string, for easy hanging. It did sell pretty quickly!!

That's all the Junk for today!!

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