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Saturday, July 19, 2014


After buying one of these from a booth at a craft mall for a gift I decided to make one.
I did a little research online and came up with this!
(the one I bought used 2 copper reducers one smaller than the other) 

 A washer big enough so it doesn't fall into the bottle, and a nut! the inside hole of the nut and the washer are the same, don't know the size, just so the wick fits snug.  I used a funnel to add the tiki fuel to the bottle. The wicks can be found a variety of places, look or ask for replacement tiki wicks. they are about 8 inches long.
I have seen some with flat marbles, stones, etc in the bottles too. It looks nice on the clear bottles and also uses less fuel, when you want to have more bottles.
 Fun project to do with the guys in your life! 
Fire and Wine!!

Here is a photo of what the wicks look like.

Also, any bottle will work, I like the labels on you may not.
Beer bottles for a more casual look!
Or maybe you want to glam them up with glitter!!

What ever you decide!!
All this junk was found in the basement or garage!
Except for the wick and fuel!


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