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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cutest Thrift Store On The Block

This thrift store is in Bellefonte PA and is close to where we go camping. This weekend while we were at a car show that is going on in the town, we went in to cool off, well that is what I told my husband. I was in a couple of months ago and new I would come back and bring the camera. So upon entering I asked permission to take some pics, this place is amazingly decorated, at least the front, the back is just typical thrift store. So enjoy!

The doors going in kinda normal!
The first pics are for fathers day and remember there is a car show going on!

So what is your favorite part of the thrift store?


  1. This has to be one of the coolest thrift stores I've ever seen! I want that shoe chair. I really want that shoe chair! :=}

  2. my goodness, it has a high end department looking style with a cool retro vibe...Kind of like the new stores, that try to look old and vintage. All the colors grouped and like styles, not like any thrift store clothes displays I've ever seen. Lezlee

  3. very stylish thrift store!


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