“If you want to get things you can’t buy in a store, you have to do things never thought of before.” -- Dr. Seuss

Monday, July 5, 2010

Corbel Book Shelf

I know many have seen a corbel used as a shelf before but I did something a little different, I used a used book for the shelf, it is screwed onto the corbel.

I found the corbel first and then the hunt for the right size and color book, I really lucked out with this 25 cent book at a thrift shop.

I think I found the perfect book
Popular Home Decoration

The corbel just needed some cleaning.

I gave the technical side of the project to my husband, he measured twice, drew a line and screwed the book down. I wanted the screws not to show so we opened the book up first.

I forgot to take picture of the back but I added 2 saw teeth hangers on the corbel.

The Stop and Smell the Flowers framed embroidery came from the "Cutest Thrift Store on the Block" for 99 cents!
The camera, an oldie I had for a while, and the whole little arrangement
incorporates what I like to do, photography.

And as a reminder, the umbrella (50 cents at a yard sale)
Into each life a little rain must fall....


  1. O I love, love, love that idea! I'm definitely going to give that a try. I have a few corbels and just like you said, the thought of a board just seemed so "been there".
    Yours is the PERFECT solution! Oh, and that book title -- so great.

  2. what a great idea! thanks for sharing :D

  3. Love it, too! Got the books {coming out of my ears, actually...& I buy them by color, not content :O}...must find corbel! Off to Habitat this morning! Have a great week *elaine*

  4. You see? This is why I love you! What an awesomely wonderful idea!!!

  5. wonderful..


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