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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Moms Party - Vintage Style

My mom turned 80 years old today but the party was Sunday, and the food was served up vintage style the way she lived thru the years.
Mints in a tin cup
Flowers my sister brought from her garden
The center flowers are from my SIL garden
Clothes pin labeled the food for ease of our helpers to get it ready for the guests.

BBQ served in a small roaster.
A vintage Shawnee planter with flowers
The ever popular mini chalkboard labels, rolls were kept in a granite blancher
The picnic basket ready for the ham salad sandwiches.
An old cardboard container that we think was used for ice cream, today we used it for pretzels.

McCoy flower pot to hold the plastic ware.
A stirrup held the napkins, with her favorite colors blue and brown.
I blogged about this a few weeks ago, holding cupcakes adorned with a brown pair of ladies gloves and a tag that reads "eat cake" The party also had a Horse Theme, the little cupcake toppers I made from copies of old photos of her with her horse when she was 16.

Chips in a red and white granite pan, and another thing I blogged about a couple of weeks ago held the veggies! Varies other containers held dips. I think I forgot some photos, I might do another blog post later Happy Birthday Mom!


  1. Good grief - I will not confess to how many minutes I've been sitting here drooling over your pictures. LOL HOW FUN is everything!!! I love it!!! Happy Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!

    ;-) robelyn

  2. Wonderful! I love how you decorated....I am sure she was thrilled!

  3. I'll bet your mom felt like one special person on her birthday! You did a wonderful job showing her how much you care for her! The party decorations are so precious...just wonderful!!!

  4. Wow. Once again you amaze me with your creativity!!! I too am drooling over these photos!

    Happy late birthday to your mom!

  5. Your party was great. Your mom looks so young. I love the cupcake flags, and all the vintage serving pieces...How cute to put the sandwiches in the picnic basket and the stir up for th napkins!...Great Job!

  6. What a party! I love your imagination and witty use of vintage items for decor and for serving. I will probably tuck some of your ideas away for later use.


  7. Love it all, and I love how you used the chalk board tag. ;)


  8. Wow! That looks amazing! I love the vintage tins and bottles used :)

  9. looks delicious!! i'm visiting from swap-bot RAK group/request. following your blog and can't wait to learn more!!

  10. Wow! What a great spread! Your mom must have been so pleased.
    This is a swap-bot RAK!! I'm going to follow your blog, really neat:)

  11. What a wonderful idea. I love the vintage settings.A lot of times themed tables don't look very well, but yours is right on!


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