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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Ball Wreath

Everyone in the junkin world has seen these already, but it took me a while to find balls cheap enough and all at one place to make the wreath, I wanted to do it multi colored but I found these balls and was hoping to have enough to make a wreath.

I used an old wire wreath form and covered it with gold garlaand from a dollar store, then hot glued the balls in place, I started from the inside, some directions say to start from the out side edge.

The backside▼

special effect▼

Not sure If it will stay on this wall, but will do for now.
I am doing a more simpler christmas decorating style this year!


  1. I tried for simple this year... didn't work. I think Santa exploded in the single-wide. LOL

    Girl - that is FANTASTIC!!! I would like one in gold, and silver and red and green and turquoise and pink... thank you! hee-hee

    Seriously though - I LOVE this!!!
    ;-D robelyn

  2. What simple beauty. I love the close-up shot, where the texture of the gold balls shows up so beautifully. You made a beautiful decoration that will last for years and years ... that's the best part!


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