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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Recycled Bags

A couple of days ago Margo had a blog post about bags so I thought I would join her! http://robolady.blogspot.com/2009/08/its-in-bag.html

This first bag I got on Etsy, it is crocheted of recycled grocery bags. Read more about it at her etsy site http://www.craftykathi.etsy.com/

The next bag is recycled with a belt, leather pieces, coffee bean bag, drawer pull and vintage jewelery, visit robelyn at her etsy shop for lots more ... http://www.redneckchic.etsy.com/

The last three are are my tote bags, the ones on the end were made by my kids when they were in sewing class at school, they were left behind when they moved away, I like to have them in my car for fast purchases at the grocery store. The middle one might be familiar to Junk Revolution Fans!! If not check it out at http://www.junkrevolution.com/ look for the Store!


  1. Good Morning!!! Thank You so much for sharing your bags - I love them all! LOL Your kids totes though...those are the best aren't they? I keep waiting for my son to make me one....I'm still waiting. heehee

    Thank You for having me and showing your purse!!!!!
    :-) Robelyn

  2. These bags are awesome. Who new recycled stuff could be so beautiful! Will definitely check these Etsy shops out.


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