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Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Sisterhood Junk

So far I used 2 of the pieces I choose from took Sisterhood of the traveling junk box.
I added it to a piece I had.
I had this peg board that was made out of an old drawer front I made a couple of years ago, with old doorknobs and old coat hook I made some stars out of rusty tin from a craft store.

The second piece I used to add interest to a nail keg I recently brought into the living room after being outside. I cleaned it up and sprayed with a clear sealer, added cheesecloth that was coffee stained.

This teddy bear, I also made from something used, do you know what?
Thanks for the comments! Yes you are right it was an old coat!


  1. love the sisterhood junk pieces...I missed the first go-round of that by one..drat! the bear...hhmmm...i used to recycle old wool blankets to make my bears...100 years ago :o} is he a blanket...or a coat, perhaps? *elaine*

  2. Love what you're doing with your numbers!

    The bear ... almost looks like some old upholstery maybe?

    So are ya gonna tell us? Huh? huh?

  3. How fun! The numbers are such a special detail!


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