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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Upcycled Wool Blanket to Christmas Tree Skirt

I have used this tan blanket that used to be my Grandpas for years as a wrapr around the base of the tree. This year I decided to do things different and created a one of a kind tree skirt.

I used a basic easy tree skirt pattern like THIS to start (steps 1 -4 ) I started with a 40" square of the solid tan blanket piece.  I plan to make some thing else from the floral part of the blanket, someday!
 I did a zig zag stitch around the circular part  and just turned under the staight part and stictched it down.  This could certainly be a no sew project, since it is a circle things will not fray and if you adhere the doilies on with craft glue it should work.
 I then place the small doilies I had around the skirt. You can see I did not have enough to go around the whole skirt, I knew this would be ok since the tree is against the wall. I then used a large zig zag to sew on the doilies.
  Blanket repurposed to a tree skirt! 
I may add more doilies if i find a bunch more small ones. This could easily be adapted for any fabric of your choice, burlap, plaid blanket, tablecloth, grain sack, ect. A heavier fabric the better.

Have A Very Merry Christmas


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