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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Old Purse with Old Photo

This is my own spin on a post I found on pintrest.

The one on pinterest had many purses on a wall with baby's breath in the purse.
I had this purse for years and have used it for holding Christmas cards and hung it on a doorknob.
The lace frame I got at a yard sale for a dollar, this has been in the living room since I bought it just sitting or hanging around.

 I bought a couple of frames recently at a thrift store sale for this project but I went to my stash of frames and found this one I liked better. Added a vintage photo, also from my stash. the frame is velcroed on so I can take it off and change the pic, added a hankie from my collection and a key.

I started to take the pics for the blog and decided I needed to add something below the purse, looked around the room and found a cardboard clock face and just added a doughnut of tape to the back and tada!

Quick and oh so easy!


  1. A friend of mine used her Grandma's old purse and it had her gloves, pin and something else and she hung it like a photo on the wall. Love the idea.

  2. That caught my eye, too...I just sold about 4 purses, uggg! I love your version, just right, and the perfect frame.

  3. I am loving your creativity. just found your page while hopping aroud before work!


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