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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dress Form

My dress form is one I found at a yard sale a few years back at a yard sale for 4 dollars, she has been moved upstairs to my daughters unused room that I am slowly making into my sewing and crafting room. So after Christmas I took of my dress forms coat and decked her out in only some neckwear.

since I like phtotography I icluded different effects of the same pic.

The last one is my fav, which do you like?


  1. The dress form looks really good! What did you cover it with? I think I like the last one and also the more sepia looking third one. well done:)

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  3. I like that necklace and the form and yeah, I like the last one, too, but they are all great.

  4. Thanks ladies, @ earth Apple Jane This is the original cover


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