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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fair Winners

Hello all, I have not posted in awhile since I haven't made anything lately but I wanted to share my 2 pieces I entered in the York Fair. My window frame won a blue ribbon in the collage category.

And my canning jar lid wreath also won a blue ribbon! It was entered in the wreath category.

Last year at the fair I decided that next year I would enter some of my different "artwork" I wanted to add something that might be more interesting than the normal handicrafts, hopefully more people will enter different and unusual items.


  1. Congrats! I have won blue ribbons from the fair and I KNOW how exciting it is!!

  2. The window frame collage is very cool. Love the adornments on the wreath- too clever!

  3. Congratulations! Both blue ribbons are very well deserved, because the imagination and creativity that went into the making of both of these is incredible. If I had just half of your talent.....

  4. Hello, there--these are wonderful. I can see why my sister Clytie loves your blog so much.

    I thought you'd like to know that this morning Sissy Clytie was rushed into emergency. She is in the hospital with a heart blockage. They'll do an angiogram tomorrow to find out where the blockage is, then they'll put a stint in. Please pray for her complete recovery. She is such a beloved Friend and Sister. The world would be a sad place without her.

  5. The YORK fair? YORK, PA, you say? How cool! My dad grew up in York, PA. His dad owned the old Gingerich's menswear store on N. George Street. We used to go back there every summer to visit my grandparents -- so many fond memories! How is York these days? I hope to take my children back there some day to see where their grandpa grew up!

    Congratulations on your winning entries. Both you mixed media piece and your wreath are indeed prizeworthy. Love them both. Your wreath is one of my very favorite wreaths of all time and is what original drew me to your blog in the beginning!


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