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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Repurposed Glass = Cheesecake Wedding Cake

When I was asked to make a cheesecake wedding cake I had to do some research. I found some when I googled and I came up with the following idea for the cake(s) and for the display.

The glass was repurposed into cake stands in different levels. Gluing together with E6000 glue.

And now for the finished cake!

The top was regular vanilla cake, for them to keep for their first anniversary.
Cupakes in the background.

Gluten free cupcakes were requested, on their own repurposed glass stand.

Extra vanilla cake and the base cheesecake.

The wedding colors were red and blue, the flower is silk the cherries are real.

The chocolate cake with red rose and blurberries.

Cheescake cupcakes too!

With cherry and blueberry topping.

The total display!

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  1. Ohmigosh, how absolutely LUSCIOUS! The colors are amazing - red and blue. I LOVE your repurposed cake stands - they are perfect for the display!


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