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Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Wedding Dress and the Royal Wedding Dress

Ok I thought I would have some fun!

When I first saw Kate's dress I thought of mine. The fitted lace sleeves and lace on the upper bodice!

I designed and made my own dress 34 years ago when I was 19!

So while the top designers are rushing to make a copy of her dress I have one in the attic!

My dress cost 50 dollars! and her's 50 thousand!

I a princess for an hour, she a princess forever more!

Best Wishes to Kate and Will!


  1. You continue to amaze me with your creativity and talent. I used to sew when I was a teenager ... I could never "read" the patterns - I went by the pictures. Most stuff turned out well, but not even close to being in the same league with your princess wedding dress!!! What beautiful brides!

  2. How great is that!!! First of all that you made your own wedding dress...and that you look so beautiful in it. And secondly that Kate saw a picture of it and loved it so much she fashioned hers to be similar! (heehee)

  3. You made a beautiful bride as well as a beautiful gown. My daughter is engaged with plans to marry in Oct. 2012 - and now she wants a version of your/Kate's dress! I made a wedding gown once and swore never again....but I may have to eat those words!

  4. You are both stunning...when I saw her dress, I loved it and thought it was so classic. How awesome you could make your dress at any age, much less 19!

  5. You were a beautiful bride, and a very talented one.
    I designed my own dress too, but had someone else make it for me...29 years ago. However, no Princess has copied mine:-) You did a wonderful job! Best, Vicki


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