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Thursday, April 7, 2011

I ♥ Junk

One of the blogs I follow has a guest heart thursday - A place to share your heart! http://clytie-randomhearts.blogspot.com/ Well I found this heart painted on a tree while I was at a flea market!

I think it would make for a cute photo shoot for a young couple!


  1. Really cute, and there's also a small heart inside the big one :-) Great find!

  2. Inger is right - there is a small heart inside the big one! What a wonderful find! I could imagine a young couple hugging each other around the tree, with the heart between them ... ah the possibilities!!!

    Thank you for linking this cute heart with Guest Heart Thursday!

  3. Great find! Also curious what you found at the flea market ;)

  4. Super lovely. I see the small heart too. :)


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