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Friday, July 9, 2010

Captured Fairy Jar

I am participating in some swaps at www.swap-bot.com this summer. A way to create and share my artwork with others. This was a Captured Creature Bottle/Jar Swap and the person I made it for liked to read Urban Romance Fantasy books. I knew absolutely nothing about them, so with a little research of her favorite authors and some image searches I came up with this! Everything was just junk I have collected, that most people throw away.
It was hard to photograph with the glass of an old mayo jar, other junk I used was onion netting, craft netting, old book pages and phrases, key, beads jewelry pieces feather and so on!!

Inside the flower an old faceted prism that was a ring, it is hard to see because it matches the flower perfectly.

The lady that recieved it said she loved it!
That makes me happy!!


  1. Oh my gosh - THAT is beautiful!!! I bet your swap buddy DOES love it!!!

    I'm going to look some more...

    :-) robelyn

  2. What a pretty little work of art, and the best part is that you personalized it for your swap partner! And the music playing right now goes with it perfectly!

  3. Great captured fairy jar! I've yet to try one! Hello from a fellow Swap-bot swapper:)

  4. Stunning. I can see these being sold in antique shops.

  5. Absolutely stunning. Magical. I think your swap friend is probably overjoyed!!!

  6. Your fairy jar is enchanting! What wonderful things you've put together. I love the look.


  7. Utterly enchanting! I love your style, and your profile description is wonderful. So wonderful to meet someone with a lifelong creative spirit and passion for junking.

    I found you through Junkologie. Pleased to meet you and join your following. Stop on by my place if you have a chance. Cheers!


  8. That is SO pretty! I wish I knew how to make these, they are gorgeous!

  9. This is fabulous! I found you on Pinterest and I'm happy to be a new follower. Thank you for the inspiration :D


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