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Monday, August 12, 2013

Repurpose For A Little Tool Box

I love this little red toolbox! To cute to use for tools!
Re purposed to a silverware holder for a picnic or party.
 I used 2 clear jars that do not have the wire or there glass lids.
 Also, can be used as a desk organizer, a third jar can be added if needed. You can also add family pics to the back where the note card is.
 I wrapped twine around the area of the jar where the wire was, and a button for fun!
 I used a recipe card in the back for the main dish o the party, easy way to show or give your recipe to others. White hankies as napkins, and a doily just for fun!
Do you have any other ideas for this toolbox?


  1. Once again you've set my brain on fire with your imagination and creativity! I'm going in so many different directions on this one ... fill it with spices n' stuff to carry out to the BBQ ... How about a "display" for old tools? Or old kitchen utensils? I cringe when I think of the old toolboxes I've gotten rid of in the past! It will NOT happen again!!!

  2. What cute ideas! Now I've got to go buy myself a toolbox! LOL


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