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Monday, January 23, 2012

Mens Shirt to Apron

I found this idea on pinterest and did my own little twist. I suded aMens shirt and cut it up the side and from the bottom of the underarm cut it diagonally up to the back of the collar and rolled the edge over slightly and sewed it sown.
 The fun part was adding my twist with buttons and an applique I had in my stash

 I sewed the front part down and replaced the shirt buttons with other from my collection!

The ties were cut from the back of the shirt and sewn on where the side seam met the underarm.

I used a mainly white shirt cause I like to bake. I also think this would be great for a woman/man who likes to grill, I can see this made from a denium shirt.


  1. Oooooh - I LOVE it!!! I immediately started picturing myself making these out of large denim for all of the dudes in my life ... I probably won't have time for a while, but they would make AWESOME Christmas gifts for next year! :=}
    You are so amazingly talented, you blow me away!!!

  2. wonderful! i love the embellishments- my daughter and i both love buttons :) i have added one or two of these to my Christmas crafts list !


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