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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Twenty Years Ago This Was Something Else - Yes A TV

Twenty years ago, we started building our house, and re-purposed this piece in the powder room. Yes it looks like a dry sink made into a bathroom sink but it wasn't bought as a dry sink. This was purchased new right after we were married, 34 years ago, and we used it almost every day until it broke! So does anyone have a guess to what it was?

Yes my only commenter Teresa was right a console TV.


  1. A console television???? First thought was microwave cart, then dresser....just didn't seem quite right. I kept thinking about your choice of words - "until it broke". If this was originally a TV, you all did an amazing job of repurposing!

  2. I grew up with that same exact piece in my parents house. I think it finally was laid to rest a couple of years ago after a hard life of many moves during my dad's military career. That just brought back lots of memories!

  3. I grew up with that tv until the picture went black. My parents still have it in there barn. I plan on putting a more modern box tv in it for my garage. Let the good times roll.


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