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Friday, January 14, 2011

Vintage Me - 50 Years Ago

I have to share this pic my sister posted on facebook of me and my 2 cousins! I am on the right hugging my teddy bear! Which I still have along with the baby carriage that is behind me and the dress I am wearing. Some of the glass balls on the tree are in my collection too.
Other things in the photo I treasure is the memories I have when I see cedar trees and how my grandpa would go down to the meadow to cut one down, sometimes riding a horse down to get one! Love that wallpaper and do you see my grandpas tie hanging on the cat rack beside the door! and the great fabric that covered the furniture in those days!


  1. Very Sweet photo! It looks like you all love your new teddy bears!

  2. I just adore old Christmas photos. You are soooo cute!

  3. Don't you just love these old photos. I too have several like that--thanks for the walk down memory lane. LuAnn

  4. Such precious memories old photos hold! Reading your post brings back my memory of how the upholstery on mama's sofa felt, and the scent of the fresh-cut cedar tree we put up at Christmas-time. Thank you for sharing - you girls look so sweet!


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