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Saturday, May 1, 2010

? What Was It ?

Not sure what this was or even what it will be, all I know is that I like it! Found it at a flea market, thought it might be something you put in a pot for canning fruits and vegetables, but I don't think it was that. Maybe something to put in a roaster? Well anyway, I liked it the way it was but I wanted to do something to it, so for a quick redo I wrapped it with fabric that was torn in strips, and wound it around the frame.
Added - It is about 12 inches in diameter

So, does anyone know what it is or what it could become?
Oh yeah, it is finished, I accidentally erased the finished photo! The one idea I have for it is adding a large plate and serve cupcakes on it for an upcoming party!


  1. Okay I'm stumped. The funny thing is - I've seen one of these somewhere - recently. At first I thought about the canner thing, but wouldn't the jars fall through the holes? Hmmmmmmm.

    So ... I want to see the finished project!!!

  2. It reminds me of the pieces you put under planters to keep them off the ground. Or a trivet?

  3. Hi Jane, you dont say how big it is, but Im guessing it is to hold a pot...but I like your idea better!

  4. It looks like it's one part of a lampshade frame for the two-tiered fiberglass shades. It would be the one that sits on another with a small hole in the center. I just found one recently that still had the shade material on it but the flecks in it had corroded and they were in bad shape, but I salvaged the frames!

    Looking forward to see what you do with it!


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