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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Folding Ruler Photo Holder (Link Added)

I made this after seeing it on the Gorilla Glue website, I believe Sue Whitney and Ki Nassauer have it also on their websites/blogs. I was trying to find a link but could not, sorry. It is very easy to do. I put my own little twist on it with the star on top, with words torn out of an old book.

Without the photo it looks like a Christmas tree!
Here is the site, Thanks to Nadine!


  1. Love it . Do you have a link to the website and does it have directions?


  2. Another great use for those rulers, and I still haven't found a single one yet! Love it!

  3. Nadine from Gorilla Glue here.... I love your take on the project! Below is the link to Sue's project from our website!


  4. I love your 'interpretation'! You RULE! Tee hee.


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