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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Button Swap

I participated in a Button Jewelry Swap and here are the things I made and sent to Melissa in Canada. I found out about it from the Button Floozies blogspot and was started by http://incywincytogs.blogspot.com/
The earrings were fairly easy, using blue buttons and a recycled filigree pieces from a old necklace, everything else was new.
The next two pics are of the button bracelet, I created on an old white zipper it has an elastic loop closure.

The next piece is a button brooch using another white zipper as a flower shaped base with three buttons stacked on top.

And the last piece is just one large olive colored button with a silver bail glued on and a nifty new black necklace kit.
It was a lot of fun, thinking what to make for this, and creating these items for Melissa. Here blog is www.mistuk.blogspot.com She also introduced me to www.swap-bot.com so there may be more swapping in the future.

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