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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Found These Dogs

I found these dogs at a yard sale recently! Only $1.00 for all! But I have never seen dogs like these before, are they plaster, chalk? not sure just that they are shabby and can be very chic. I want to clean them up some, and find some cloches or make some. Any other ideas are appreciated.

The biggest one I will be keeping, the rest I will sell either on etsy or a yard sale. I checked on ebay to find any similar and had no luck.


  1. Wow! Those dogs are very cool. I like your cloche idea, but I bet even plain they'd be scooped up very quickly on ebay.

  2. If they are chaulkware you need to make sure what to do before you "clean" them. I don't collect, but I know they are highly sought after. Just fyi!!

  3. I like them! I would have to find a special little display to put them all on.

  4. I don't know what they're made of, but they sure are cute! Wish I had found them, and I think they'll look really cute in a cloche!

  5. Don't know what you did with the dogs, but I have a cat made from the same plaster...I love it, but loved it more when there was a head on it:-) The figure had a little tray like piece at the bottom, and I placed it close the my porch railing to feed birds from. Squirrels ate the head off of my cat, and would have probably put the rest of it away if I had not discovered their little antics. So be careful, they may like dog heads too...LOL


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